Kinky Friendly Cognitive Behavioural Hypnotherapy in the UK

Life is Fluid and has its Ups and Downs

Located conveniently on the borders of Surrey, Hampshire and Berkshire, I offer a professional and friendly service aimed at assisting you to improve your lifestyle and deal with what is bothering you.

The most important factor in effective therapy is the relationship between the cient and therapist and the ability to discuss openly, honestly and completely.  While therapists attempt to remain open-minded and non-judgemental, there are many who have no knowledge of / or preconceived ideas of alternative lifestyles and sexualities.  This should not hinder therapy, but unfortunately, sometimes it does, as “blame” may be laid at the door of lifestyle choices, or treatment may be terminated if “kink” is broached. This does not present a problem, as you and I can discuss what is pertinent to help you reach your goals.  You may also have kink-related issues you wish to address.  (Please note, however, that this is Clinical Hypnotherapy and not Hypno-domming).

Having been formally trained and qualified to a high standard, I can assist you in working towards those lifestyle changes you really want to make. Whether it is longer term Cognitive Behavioural Therapy to change your thought patterns of Stress, Low Mood, or Anxiety, or shorter term objectives such as overcoming your fear of flying, losing those few extra pounds, shaving a few strokes from your golf handicap, giving up smoking, overcoming presentation anxiety and nerves,  or even controlling the discomfort of childbirth.

I practice a combination of modern therapeutic techniques including Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, Problem Solving Therapy, Mindfulness, Relaxation and several other proven approaches – all reinforced and underpinned with hypnosis.

These methods aren’t magic, they’re based on science and the results speak for themselves. For example, if your wish is to give up smoking, you are 5 times more likely to give up after one or two sessions with me than you are using your own willpower. Even with the aid of nicotine patches, gum and so on, my techniques are 3 times as effective (data taken from the Journal of Applied Psychology).

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